JMH Network - Aims

Mission Statement

Victorian Jewish Mental Health Organizations linking together as a Network, participating as a resource with each other and to the community by the process of referral. We are also providing a forum for sharing knowledge and professional expertise with each other and the community.

To provide

  1. A raising of consciousness of mental health issues in the Jewish community.
  2. Improved services for the Jewish community resulting from organizations being more aware of each other's roles through networking. To investigate solutions for the filling of gaps in the service and avoid duplication.
  3. An increase in community awareness of Jewish mental health organizations and professionals as well as of other individuals and organizations acceptable to the network, and how to access these.
  4. An opportunity to exchange mental health information and expertise between participating organizations.
  5. Liaison with Jewish mental health bodies from interstate and overseas.
  6. A public advocacy role for improved mental health services in relation to the Jewish community.
  7. An opportunity for wider community mental health professionals to access Jewish mental health professionals and organizations.
  8. To publish a newsletter publicizing services, projects and concerns of the network and to compile and update lists of recipients of the newsletter.




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