Community Chest

"Love and awe make a mitzvah soar."
- Kabbala

A discussion paper was written by Dr Barie Forbes for Wings of Care addressing 'The "Double Whammy" of social injustice experienced by those Jewish people suffering from mental illness living in poverty'.

In the suggestion and conclusions at the end of the paper it was recommended that a Community Chest be set up to help solve the problem as is done in America with the Jewish Fund for Justice.

Wings of Care, a not-for-profit, tax- deductible organisation and is also a gift deductible recipient. We have set this Community Chest up in our community in Melbourne. We wish to help initially those that we currently know about and are working with. Our initial 2006 budget figure of $25,000.00 has been determined by questioning current clients about their needs.

A demographic study will be conducted within the community in the next 6 Months we have been told, which will give us a better idea as to how large the problem is and we hope to expand our service base with this information. We are sure that this will justify our predictions with a budget for the next few years.

On the subject of offering loans without interest to people in need, our policy at this stage is poverty relief, not to offer loans. We will however encourage any recipient to put some money back into the fund if they so desire.

The business plan on this site indicates the type of items that we will help people with and there will be 3 people who will be available to assess each client’s needs and who will be part of the selection process. For those clients who have extensive needs we will encourage them to seek special financial counselling assistance.

Because this is a community project it seems fitting for us to involve community organizations and individuals for sponsorship .We ask for your financial support where possible.

At last Jewish people with mental illness living in poverty will have the opportunity to live with dignity and feel equal and not disadvantaged in our community.