How can I be a Volunteer?
Contact us to see when we are doing our next training program and register your interest. You will receive a call for an interview when it comes nearer to the time of our next training program.
Can anyone be a volunteer?
You need to fit a certain criteria. We have a questionnaire that you need to answer in an interview.
I have a mental illness what can you do for me? What do you do for people who have a mental illness?
  • We can arrange for a trained Volunteer to visit you when you are in hospital after an episode.
  • We can support you when you are at home after an episode in hospital.
  • We can encourage you to participate in our rehabilitation programs.
  • We can help you and your family access resources in the Jewish and mainstream communities.
  • For suitable applicants some financial assistance may be available.
I am feeling lonely and isolated. How can you help me?
  • You can access our consumer website, our chat-room and message-board and obtain a copy of our newsletter.
  • You can become engaged in our programs.
  • You can receive phone calls on a regular basis. We hope to gain your trust, assess your needs and put you in touch with the most suitable program that will address your needs.
Who can access your support services?
Anyone who has a mental illness.
How can I be notified about your forums and events?
We can put you on our database and notify you when we have a function.