Providing care for Jewish people with a mental illness and support for
their families.

Wings of Care exists as an ancillary organization of the Jewish Mental
Health Network. Both organisations are involved in the JCCV Social
Justice Committee.

Services include:

  • A Help-line 03 9527 4866 Mon-Thu 9am -5pm, Fri 9-3pm Sun1.30-5pm.
  • A 'friendly visiting' service with hospital and home visits.
  • A professional training program for 'volunteers' to become visitors.
  • A mutual support program for clients facilitated by an Occupational Therapist. Consumer Website;
  • A Carer Support Group. Sunday 7.30-9.30 pm.
  • The Jewish Mental Health Network Newsletter.
  • Resource Guide with information from the Jewish and wider Communities.
  • Providing a Drop-in every Sunday afternoon with talks and activities.
  • Providing professional development and community educational programmes.
  • ERA (Educational Recreational Activities) Rehabilitation programme 7.30-9.30pm Thursdays.
  • Telephone Conference calling for client group. 2-3pm Wednesdays.
  • Friendly visiting home visits and assistance service, mostly weekly
  • A Community Chest has been formed to support clients' financial needs.
  • Mental illness prevention and management Workshops.

Contact on 95274866, Fax 95274488 or

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