Community Chest - Patrons

In appreciation of their generosity Wings of Care wishes to acknowledge the patrons of Wings of Care

Caulfield Park Community Bank (Bendigo Bank)

Bendigo Bank is often lauded for its "social responsibility" because of its work with communities. Working for the benefit of its Customers and their communities is their business strategy fabric.

Click to visit Caulfield Park Community Bank.

Jack Brockoff Foundation

Since its inception, the Foundation has distributed in excess of $55 million to a wide range of organisations and groups within the community. While Sir Jack's specific contribution may be definable in financial terms, his legacy by its contribution to improving the lives of thousands of Victorians is inestimable.

Melbourne Hebrew Ladies’ Benevolent Society

Raises funds to assist Jewish women and children in need.


Community Hospital and Ancillary Insurance
Founded during the Gold Rush in 1863, the not-for-profit society supports various charitable causes and supports the needy.

(03) 9572 4319

Besen Foundation

The foundation seeks to encourage, nurture and assist in both the maintaining and also developing of important programs and projects.

Gandel Charitable Trust

The purpose of The Gandel Charitable Trust is to add significant value to the community, through supporting a broad range of organisations within the not for profit sector operating in Victoria, nationally and in Israel. We aim to enhance these communities by funding innovative initiatives. Our support of the work of Wings of Care, is in keeping with this goal and we hope our contribution can do much, to enhance the community the organisation serves.

If you wish to be a patron of Wings of Care please don’t hesitate to
contact us.

Tzedakah (charity) boxes are also available on request. Your donation will help Wings of Care continue to support Jewish people in need. Contact us.