Community Chest - Poverty Relief

An initiative of the Mental illness and Poverty Paper written by Dr Barie Forbes (MBBS) June 2006. For Wings of Care (Kanfei Chesed) Inc.

Below is a list of possible services that we provide funding including one-off, to clients who are in need of financial assistance in their everyday lives, as well as a variety of resource information, to help their self esteem thereby aiding recovery.

A. In the home and for the home

Food for Shabbat and festivals
Handyman jobs

B. Medical and Paramedical

Psychiatric/Psychological gap
Naturopathy- relating to mental illness
Health insurance

C. Reaching out

Hospital out-patients rehabilitation programs
Employment - DEAC: Disability employment services (03) 9650 2533
                   - We encourage employers to offer jobs to people with a mental illness
Other eg Transport to rehabilitation programs - Wings of Care.

D. Accessibility- Helpline

Provide resource information to consumers regarding public facilities eg
-Dental, psychologists etc.
-Have list of mental health service providers offering cheaper services.

Eligibility - There will be an objective assessment of need made by 3 people connected with Wings of Care
Recipients of funds will have to be suffering from a mental illness & /or be a carer of someone with a mental illness i.e. family member.

Some resources appropriate for people living in poverty who have a mental illness. This information was acquired through VMIAC - Victorian Mental Health Awareness Council – (03) 9387 8317

Centrelink -Disability support pension

Centrelink-for rental assistance for people who are on a disability pension

Financial and Consumer Rights Council
(03) 9663 2000 - Mon Tues. (03) 9585 1955.Wed, Thurs.

Carlton/Fitzroy financial Counselling Services (03) 93492562

Pilch (public interest law clearing house)
- Provides free legal service (03) 9225 6680